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Corporate Teambuilding & Group Games

Gorham Productions is the best at providing successful Teambuilding events for corporate clients in and around Boston, Eastern Massachusetts, New England, and beyond. The goal of a corporate teambuilding exercise is to help team members become a cohesive unit by utilizing their innate instincts and problem-solving skills, so the team ends up becoming a team unconsciously, forgetting that was even a goal. Our Teambuilding events and exercises focus on individual skills rising up organically and joining effortlessly into the team dynamic. At the end of our events, participants look back and notice how simple it was to work together, even with disparate personalities, and how easy it can be to replicate that paradigm in the corporate environment.

Our experts will guide your associates through the event with wit and purpose, making it a fun and successful day for everyone, with resonating results.

Gorham Productions


We also offer video services for your event. Simply gather your photos and video clips (and/or have us conduct brief interviews), and we’ll put it all together and produce a professional presentation at the event. You can also get keepsake DVD copies for employees and clients.
Contact us to discuss your individual needs, pricing, and learn more about what we can offer to make your event even more memorable.

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