Exceptional entertainment designed to your distinctive event.


Our DJs are world-class, each with their own unique passion and dedication to the craft. We’ve been placing DJs at bars and clubs in and around Boston for over a decade now, with great results. From the latest Top 40 to House, Hip-Hop, Reggae, Trance, Progressive, and Old School jams, remixes and mashups, our guys have the library, knowledge, and technical skills to get your dance floor packed and moving, any night of the week. We can also provide professional dancers to be featured in prominent areas of the club for added effect, and have lighting systems if your club needs them.

Work Together

When you hire Gorham Productions, you’re not just hiring one DJ, you’re hiring a team of DJs that will cater to your establishment, and together we will find the best solutions to fit the style and clientele of your club.


Gorham Productions


We also offer video services for your event. Simply gather your photos and video clips (and/or have us conduct brief interviews), and we’ll put it all together and produce a professional presentation at the party. You can also get keepsake DVD copies for employees and clients.
Contact us to discuss your individual needs, pricing, and learn more about what we can offer to make your event even more memorable.

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